[TYPO3-english] is TYPO3 moving away from global extensions?

RDE Wiesbaden gr2 at ipw.net
Fri Mar 30 21:52:02 CEST 2012

Philipp Gampe schrieb:

Hi Philipp,

> That has been said, it is inside the source folder 

> "where user content does not belong to."  !!!!

> It was an architectural fault from the very beginning to have 
> this folder inside the source.

This is true and this is the very best argument, to change that.

I would like to hear some suggestions, where to place a global
directory instead of "/typo3/ext", which is supported from the EM.

The solution with softlinks and similar is much more time consuming
and not comparable with the easyness of the former way.

I dont want to install (as an example the quixplorer) in 50 domains.
I like to install it once and activate it when wanted/needed.

Thank you Francois - thats the way.

(Steffen, pls be patient, I did misunderstand the job of
the assignee. Currently I cannot program javascript, may be later.)

Best regards
Gert Redlich

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