[TYPO3-english] is TYPO3 moving away from global extensions?

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Thu Mar 29 13:09:17 CEST 2012

Hi Rudi,

> Why is using global extensions no longer recommended?

The big problem is that the global ext directory is part of the sources
of TYPO3 whereas it should be separated.

> I'm running 400+ TYPO3 websites, in 4-5 different versions of TYPO3.
> The websites are similar in configuration and I therefore benefit from
> having a "centralized" extension location for each TYPO3 source
> (typo3_src-4.x.x/typo3/ext). I've tried to symlink to the central
> extension dir from typo3conf/ext for every website, but some
> extensions (like dam) can't handle this ($BACK_PATH issues).
> Am I missing a point, or a genius way of doing stuff like this?

There is a "genius" way :) you can use local mount points with a line
like that in your /etc/fstab:

/path/to/share/extensions  /path/to/typo3/ext  ext3
rbind,noexec,nosuid,rw,nouser  0  0


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