[TYPO3-english] specials character inside RTE doesn't work !

Daniel Tâche daniel at comeandsee.ch
Wed Mar 28 10:01:35 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to insert special character in RTE but I've got an error 
102: These fields are not properly updated in database: (bodytext) 
Probably value mismatch with fieldtype.

My website is in utf-8, I've follow this very good tutorial : 

I've tried many different RTE configuration like:

RTE.default.proc.dontHSC_rte = 1
entryHTMLparser_db.htmlSpecialChars = 0
exitHTMLparser_db.htmlSpecialChars = 0

But no way !

I've tried an old configuration with [SYS][setDBinit] = SET NAMES 
utf8;CHARSET utf8;
And it works but my website is a mess as character are double times in utf-8

Anybody has an idea ?
Thanks in advance

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