[TYPO3-english] swap CSS order of TemplaVoila and includes

Daniel Neugebauer mailinglists at energiequant.de
Mon Mar 26 15:55:13 CEST 2012

That would be one option, but we would like to keep the original CSS 
included instead, if possible.

We worked around the issue by adding the link and script tags to 
page.headerData.10 = HTML and removing header parts from our TemplaVoila 
template. That way, we can place those tags behind the automatically 
appended. Unfortunately, link and script tags are no longer separated in 
2 blocks which doesn't matter on this site but could usually be 
considered "dirty".

Maybe there's still another way to simply move the static includes in 
front of our CSS (possibly included the regular way via TemplaVoila) and 
maybe keeping link and script tags separate? (something like a config 
option in TypoScript which I haven't found yet)

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