[TYPO3-english] Powermail problem - session problem?

Brian Bendtsen bb at attensa.dk
Sun Mar 18 20:10:05 CET 2012

Den 18/03/12 19.54, Robert Wildling skrev:
> A well-known probelm without a real solution...
> Just some ideas:
> Did you try
> plugin.powermail.clear.session = 1
> (doesn't really reset all forms on all sites)
> With FE-User Management:
> Shorten the Session settings in the install tool?
> On pages with form insert an additional TS Snippet:
> page.headerData.10 = TEXT
> page.headerData.10.value = <meta http-equiv="expires" content="0">
> Or via "edit page": -> Behaviour ->Caching: Cache Life Time -> disable
> Sometimes it is also the setting of the browser itself (automatic
> prefill, e.g.)
> Easy way: include a Reset-button in each form
> Good luck!
> Am 18.03.12 19:11, schrieb Brian Bendtsen:
>> Hi
>> I have a site that runs TYPO3 4.5.12 and powermail 1.6.3. I have a lot
>> of powermail forms on the site. The problem is that when I send data
>> using one form the email/database entry looks fine, but sending another
>> form afterwards the fields form prior form is appended to the
>> email/database entry in this form.
>> It has something to do with session data. I have tried deleting session
>> cookies after sending form one and then the second email/database entry
>> looks fine.
>> Any advice?

The ts setting plugin.powermail.clear.session is set to 1 and I know, 
without this, the forms will display previously entered information. 
That is not the problem I'm refering to.

The problem is related to the data actually being sent and shown in the 
email and stored in the database.

An example from the "All values" field of a powermail, lets name it Y:

	<uid2359>Some data</uid2359>
	<uid2360>Some data</uid2360>
	<uid2361>Some data</uid2361>
	<uid2362>Some data</uid2362>
	<uid2363 type="array">
		<numIndex index="0"></numIndex>
		<numIndex index="1"></numIndex>
		<numIndex index="2"></numIndex>
		<numIndex index="3">Some data</numIndex>
		<numIndex index="4">Some data</numIndex>
	<uid2751 type="array">
		<numIndex index="0"></numIndex>
		<numIndex index="1">Some data</numIndex>
		<numIndex index="2">Some data</numIndex>
	<uid2945>Some data</uid2945>
	<uid2949>Some data</uid2949>
	<uid2946>Some data</uid2946>
	<uid3003>Some data</uid3003>
	<uid3005>Some data</uid3005>

Fields uid2359 to uid2751 is not actually part of powermail Y, its part 
of powermail X, that was submitted before Y.

Best Regards

Brian Bendtsen

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