[TYPO3-english] fed / flux :: non-admins can not change ordering of content elements

Hauke Hain newgrp at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 15 19:57:36 CET 2012

Hi Roland,

Am 14.03.2012 16:42, schrieb Roland:
> hi everybody,
> i had a weird problem with EXT:fed/EXT:flux: non-admins are not able to
> change the ordering of content elements in the TYPO3 backend (list and
> page module).

> did anybody else have this problem? maybe i did something wrong
> somewhere else?
> kind regards
> roland

I always get a
"Attempt to move record 'news' (tt_content:224) without having 
permissions to do so."
error message and the content element moves to the root (pid 0).

So it is reproduceable. I created a bug:

Thanks for pointing this out. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Kind regards

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