[TYPO3-english] fed / flux :: non-admins can not change ordering of content elements

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Wed Mar 14 16:42:54 CET 2012

hi everybody,

i had a weird problem with EXT:fed/EXT:flux: non-admins are not able to 
change the ordering of content elements in the TYPO3 backend (list and 
page module).

other record tyes (pages records, tt_news records) are not affected.

admins do not have any problems.

after uninstalling of EXT:fed/EXT:flux everything worked as expected again.

i tried to find fields in the "Allowed excludefields" list which could 
possibly help to solve that problem - i found these 2 fields which seem 
to be related to EXT:fed/EXT:flux:

- Page Content: (tx_flux_column)
- Page Content: Fluid Content Element (tx_fed_fcefile)

i enabled them for all non-admins, but that did not solve my problem.

did anybody else have this problem? maybe i did something wrong 
somewhere else?

kind regards


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