[TYPO3-english] 2012 - suggestions for reorganisation TYPO3 community-communication

Bernd Wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Tue Mar 13 10:26:07 CET 2012

On 03/10/2012 02:51 PM, RDE Wiesbaden wrote:
> 2012 - community - communication

> Within the last few days or weeks I did read EVERY single post regarding
> the former topic and did collect the arguments. Many arguments are
> serious !!,
> others are unreal dreams. There is a strong need to "glue" together the
> community, again and better. Developers and community should not drift in
> "diametrical" directions.
> When I did offer to publish my experience to the community (for free)
> and in
> english, I was directed to the TYPO3-wiki. But all the wikis (including
> wikipedia)
> are badly readable. A suggestion, to slightly improove the pagelayout
> was negative.

IMHO it's not the layout but the navigation in wikis which is the weak 
For something like a dictionary it might be good, but a community is 
something differnt and presenting a product like TYPO3 needs a 
hierarchical structur, which can't be solved with a wiki (without a lot 
of manual work which is not appropiate to an CMS)

> Within the last few years many TYPO3 users, agencies, freelancers (and
> myself)
> did start their own knowledgebase on their own domains. Searching within
> google
> "for ANY topic" has reached a critical mess, resulting in millions of
> google answers,
> frustrating many many newcomers and immediately kick them out - forever.
> This needs to be changed shorty.
> Suggestion (1)
> So one of the first changes must be, to open the "typo3.com" domain with
> individual subdomains for all involved community members, to share our
> gigantic
> TYPO3 knowledge.
> The DNS system for example allows "rde-wiesbaden.typo3.com" or
> "mittwald-espelkamp.typo3.com" or "dkd-frankfurt.typo3.com" and so on
> (worldwide).
> Each subdomain can easily point to the old server and point to that
> available content.
> They all may continue using their own design and their language and their
> corporate identity. But under ONE (TYPO3-) umbrella please.

that can't be a solution. You might have one domain, but you still have 
duplicate and outdated content and no crossreferences or (global) 
navigation. A visitor has to learn the style of each of these pages.

going one step further from your idea: we need a community page with 
individual profiles, where each member can publish his own stuff. so all 
the snippets, comemnts, ... were shown in a unique kind with the same style.
have you realized that this would be a TYPO3-facebook/-linkedIn/-XING/... ?

who will build this community-software?
TYPO3 still is missing a good basic community extension. :(

> Suggestion (2)
> The next important need is, to date any infomation or article within the
> first content-line,
> and to force the authors to mark older articles with a creation-date -
> back (may be to 2008).

in a community-SW this can be done automaticaly.
the other problem: how to get google to forget about all that old sites? ;)

> Suggestion (3)
> We should publish a TYPO3 "community list", not this one for "technical
> HELP requests",
> but for fundamental questions. The former mail-storm was within the
> wrong list and did
> need to be rerouted to a global community list.

as mostly all of it is a question about communication.
how much and in what way.

> You all have seen, there is a need for.
> (p.s. I am familiar in running some DNS servers and could do this job.)
> I know, that these ideas are not in a perfect shape, but we should think
> about it now.

this were my thoughts to it


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