[TYPO3-english] 2012 - suggestions for reorganisation TYPO3 community-communication

RDE Wiesbaden gr2 at ipw.net
Mon Mar 12 14:12:48 CET 2012

Jan-Hendrik schrieb:
> Hi Gert,
> great you start with this initiative!
> We already have the chance for bloggers to post to a typo3 site, which 
> is buzz.typo3.org, so this is nothing new. They still do it mostly on 
> their own sites. Maybe it is worth investigating, why that happens.
> Jan-Hendrik

Answer No. 1 regarding the TYPO3 blog

OK, this is a standard blog, finding on thousands of webs, easy to install
an easy to maintain.

But: Does this one fit our needs ?

In my former post I did mention :
(a) respect the languages (or translations)!!
(b) respect the stress of the daily work of the TYPO3 experts,
     whose knowledge we need to be written down.
(c) and there are some more arguments, trying to make it better.

So I try to qualify my judgments as follows: (nobody is perfect)

(1) Advantages:
The size is very good, the Corporate Identity (Typo3) ist very good
the css partitioning/boxing in header and a 2 rows body and footer
is very good.

(2) Disadvantages:
Nobody cares what happens in December 2009:4 items or
July 2008:6 items - we are dependent to topics - or better -
reading "search words" or "authors".

So the left row needs to be used as an overview :
What do I find in this blog. Is it interesting for me or not ?
(however - there needs to be an archive page)

If I leave the "Welcome Page", there is no more need to repeat this
text on every page, it steals the attention from the content and
confuses me where I am.

The most important disadvantage is, every page must have a very
clear titel. We all already use this within most of the TYPO3 webs
all over the world, why not here ?

"Allways show me where I am" (never leave me alone)

There is an already available predestined location, the gray bar in
the middle, using large white characters would be perfect.

Next, the content elements should be slightly emphasized with a border
or a coloured background, to be clearely stated as the main information.

(3) small improovments :
Within the main-header we should avoid (english-)text and substitute
this with well known icons, used and known in all langages.

In 2012 it is easily possible, to have two or more TOC (table of content)
pages, one by date, one by search-words, one by authors . . . . .

We need to take (more) care of newcomers and strangers and :
we should not use (and think) the "word / meaning / recommendation"

"YOU MUST ........ !!!!"

Nobody MUST do anything on TYPO3, everything is voluntary. If we are
looking for more participation, we should start soften existing facts
and - may be - change the (our) goals.

That is the key of success.

Again - I can show you a partial concept of luring visitors onto the
museums pages.

The main idea is:
"Hey look, what we have here and what you will find here, come and look,
and if you have suggestions, mail me your ideas with this simple form."

Answer No. 2 regarding the wiki - will follow tonight

best regards
Gert Redlich / Wiesbaden / Germany

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