[TYPO3-english] 2012 - suggestions for reorganisation TYPO3 community-communication

ben van 't ende ben.vantende at typo3.org
Sun Mar 11 17:12:20 CET 2012

Hey Gert,

Thanks for getting involved. I think your suggestion does not unify
documentation/information. Having the information spread everywhere eventhough
it is under one TYPO3 umbrella does not provide a real advantage. Can you
explain how you think that would be beneficial? I tend to believe in
centralising that effort and have that in the documentation team for instance.
The documentation team already works on several documents. I totally agree that
the communication channels are to widespread. We need to have a centralised
point where the community can go for information or to ask questions. Shortly we
will have a forum connected to the mailinglists. You can find a beta here:

I am investigating what planet software we can use to aggregate german and
english TYPO3 blogs. I hope, with the help of the community, to set that up in
the near future.

At the moment we cannot really focus to much on other applications. Our first
priority is to relaunch typo3.org. That will happen on the 2nd of April. We will
have the typo3script and php snippets there again and it will also be home to news.

gRTz ben

On 10/03/12 14:51, RDE Wiesbaden wrote:
> 2012 - community - communication
> Here I need to open a new discussion following up the community storm
>  "TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible ?" discussion.
> I am with TYPO3 from 2003 on and have seen many successful changes.
> However - in the past some things went wrong.
> Within the last few days or weeks I did read EVERY single post regarding
> the former topic and did collect the arguments. Many arguments are serious !!,
> others are unreal dreams. There is a strong need to "glue" together the
> community, again and better. Developers and community should not drift in
> "diametrical" directions.
> When I did offer to publish my experience to the community (for free) and in
> english, I was directed to the TYPO3-wiki. But all the wikis (including wikipedia)
> are badly readable. A suggestion, to slightly improove the pagelayout was negative.
> Within the last few years many TYPO3 users, agencies, freelancers (and myself)
> did start their own knowledgebase on their own domains. Searching within google
> "for ANY topic" has reached a critical mess, resulting in millions of google
> answers,
> frustrating many many newcomers and immediately kick them out - forever.
> This needs to be changed shorty.
> Suggestion (1)
> So one of the first changes must be, to open the "typo3.com" domain with
> individual subdomains for all involved community members, to share our gigantic
> TYPO3 knowledge.
> The DNS system for example allows "rde-wiesbaden.typo3.com" or
> "mittwald-espelkamp.typo3.com" or "dkd-frankfurt.typo3.com" and so on (worldwide).
> Each subdomain can easily point to the old server and point to that available
> content.
> They all may continue using their own design and their language and their
> corporate identity. But under ONE (TYPO3-) umbrella please.
> Suggestion (2)
> The next important need is, to date any infomation or article within the first
> content-line,
> and to force the authors to mark older articles with a creation-date - back (may
> be to 2008).
> Suggestion (3)
> We should publish a TYPO3 "community list", not this one for "technical HELP
> requests",
> but for fundamental questions. The former mail-storm was within the wrong list
> and did
> need to be rerouted to a global community list.
> You all have seen, there is a need for.
> (p.s. I am familiar in running some DNS servers and could do this job.)
> I know, that these ideas are not in a perfect shape, but we should think about
> it now.
> best regards
> Gert Redlich / Wiesbaden / Germany

TYPO3 Community Manager

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