[TYPO3-english] browsebox in indexed_search still not working

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 10 09:43:04 CET 2012


On 10-3-2012 8:00, Stephan Bernhard wrote:
> of course i know that open source can't deliver all.
> and not everything at the same time.
> but such a central function like indexing should be much higher on the
> priority list, right?

The things people expect from a feature such as searching has changed 
over the years. Indexed search was written with an advanced search form 
in mind: you could set a lot of options when making a search query. 
Google and other modern search engines changed that towards a simple 
search form where the engine would have a lot of intelligence to produce 
relevant results.

Creating a search engine which can do that requires a lot of special 
knowledge and fortunately there are open source communities which have 
this. Mnogosearch is a good engine, but the integration with TYPO3 isn't 
very advanced. Lucene (the search library), Solr (the search engine), 
Tika (file properties and text extraction), Nutch (indexing external 
sites) are projects of the Apache Software Foundation which provide 
excellent search tools; dkd has provided a TYPO3 extension which 
integrates this in TYPO3 (user access, indexing queue, etc.).

Indexed search is the built-in engine which is suitable for smaller 
sites with a few user groups.

> i also spent days and weeks to indexed_search and crawler get going -
> it's just one of the most hated features in TYPO3, i guess...

Have you tried this excellent tutorial [1] by one of the core developers?

> BTW. i have seen that there is a version 2.13.0 of indexed_search out -
> but only for 4.6 - why can't it also be for 4.5?

4.5 will only receive bugfixes (and a few small features). Normally 
features (also hooks, new settings, etc.) will only go in new TYPO3 
releases. System extensions should only be used with the TYPO3 core 
version they were shipped with. They are not designed for nor tested 
with other cores.
It could be that it "just" contains new features, but it could also rely 
on new API functions which are not present in older releases.

Why not try an upgrade to 4.6? You would also have all the nice new 
features of 4.6 with a new version of indexed_search!


Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Jigal van Hemert.

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