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On Mar 9, 2012, at 4:24, François Suter <fsu-lists at cobweb.ch> wrote:

> Hi Boris,
>> IMHO the product board would be a good step ahead in the rigtht
>> directions, but it's missing a mandatory component - the view from the
>> other side.
> There's the idea of having a community council, which was still mentioned
in the early versions of the Product Board's draft. This was removed in
later versions in order to proceed step by step and not rush everything at
the same time. But Ben van t' Ende, our community manager, is actively
working on the topic.
>> This could / should lead to the situation that planned developments
>> aren't build just because of developers choice (because it's hip or
>> feels doing it would be nice to have).
>> Once features / features requests are accepted, the product board AND by
>> the expert group could make a targetting request to show if there really
>> is a need for this certain feature.
>> Additonally these features could get crowd funded, by publishing the
>> accepted feature(s) to all T3A members and using a global plattform like
>> kickstarter.
>> This would lead to another option to show even people which are not
>> directy connected to TYPO3 that there is a CMS with enterprise features,
>> where they can participate even with money against features.
> This is certainly an interesting idea, but it may not be so easy to
achieve. In 2008 I was asked if I wanted to be the "Sponsoring Manager" for
TYPO3. The idea was that developers could submit projects (rather large
ones), with detailed descriptions, and companies could apply to sponsor
these projects if they felt they suited their needs. As I'm no marketing
guy but still versed in communication, my role was to help developers
formulate their projects in a clear way and the hope was that funds would
just roll in (I was not meant to do active fund-raising, which would have
required a wholly different profile).
> Two different things happened: out of three proposed projects, two
gathered nothing or next to nothing. Apparently they had not enough
business interest, which in a way is fine and certainly shows a process
somewhat akin to what you describe above (if the feature is not
interesting, it's not supported and thus not implemented).
> The third one was the new FORM project. This one actually had most of its
funding even before it was announced and the rest of the budget could be
collected. The problem is that collecting money is not enough. Even though
the project came from a developer (Patrick Broens) who - obviously - was
perfectly willing to work on it, nobody else was. Patrick was left alone to
do the project. Quite predictably this led to some (large) periods of
latency where Patrick was busy with other stuff and quite a bit of
demotivation too. The end result was that it took much longer to complete
the project than expected.
> What I mean with this is that gathering ideas and then gathering funds
for implementing these ideas may not be enough for actually making them
real, because you still need available manpower. Quite a lot of TYPO3
developers work for companies, which won't agree to work at rather low
rates (55€/h if you consider Association rates as a reference).

Those rates are much to high as you probably have never tried to integrate
great TYPO3 resources is ASIA where TYPO3 Enthusiasts deliver great quality
and work and already contributed wizh lots of ideas and extensions to TER.
They would love to work with one of their TEAMS od minimum 4 people for
this amount of money.

> Freelancers might be more inclined to do so, but experience shows that
they are generally pretty busy.

Why you always again and again look only for People from Germany and
surrounding companies. Why???

Already years ago lots of Indian companies where involved in huge TYPO3
projects - mostly as outsourcers for companies from Germany, Switzerland
and it surrounding countries.

Srijan - now a major contributer for Drupal was before many years major
contributor to TYPO3 http://srijan.in/our-typo3-competence and still on
major player with highly qualified people and great contributors in TYPO3!

Lelesys - http://www.lelesys.com/quality/typo3-extension-quality.html
TYPO3 Techie -
Fivee - http://fivee.in/portfolio/typo3-extension.html - they have the
domain: http://typo3india.org/ Try to build up human resources there!
Inspire to share!
PitSolutions - http://blog.pitsolutions.com/?cat=77
FutureMedia - http://www.futuremediaindia.com/
get soe more ideas about widening up the developer resources

Many of them are very good in English proficiency some even studied in
Here is a huge Resource of TYPO3 Developers which already develop on many
German/European and US websites but for less than 1/4 of those 55 Euro.
Why don't the Association starts to build up man power internationally -
worldwide to bring TYPO3 to the global world! Other German Companies do
this already and sell those "Indian" or more general "Outsourced build"
TYPO3 as their own work to their European Customers for a much higher price
they had to pay for those people developing it.

Also you have TYPO3 Developers in many other countries here in Asia:
Have a look to Bangladesh:
what about Nepal:
what about Myanmar:

as you might realize on the years you will see that many entries are
already very old - mainly because TYPO3 was not at all promoted like it
could have been here in ASIA


SME & Micro Entrepreneurs in Asia TYPO3 CMS web site & online shop
> e-Commerce development services is now available to Western and Asian
> companies. SMEs  can now save costs up to 70% by outsourcing there TYPO3
> web development work to TYPO3 developers based in India, Cambodia, Vietnam
> or Thailand while ensuring the same quality standards and a serious
> long-term cooperation

Thanks to VoIP and Video Conferencing and higher bandwidths even
Communication and screensharing, trainings in real time - like your
developer is sitting in Buxtehude but afraid to drive on those icy roads
while your company who hired him is in Hamburg.

The same way could the TYPO3 Association benefit, if they would integrate
and promote TYPO3 also to all those countries which mostly until now are
those not mentioned developers of big projects from even bigger TYPO3
Companies in Western Europe!

Concerning ASIA there will be the t3con-asia this year and perhaps it is
not such a high price event like in Germany so that also TYPO3 Developers
and Companies can take part who simply can't afford the high travelling and
admission costs to the German t3cons.

Those companies here in Asia often work with the same standards like some
European companies would do
i.e. http://www.slideshare.net/webessentials/agile-estimating

As you can see in all those examples nearly everywhere you have also
European People or people who studied in Europe already involved in
promoting TYPO3 here in Asia. Why are you not using this Human Resource?

And TYPO3 is not only here in ASIA - check out South America i.e.
Argentine, Chile, Peru, Ecuador. Also here you find lots of TYPO3
Developers who would like to participate but are simply a bit far away.
Integrate them much more. Help them to build up TYPO3 on their continents.

> I don't mean to say that what you suggest should not be attempted. It's
definitely a good idea and the "sponsored projects" back in 2008 were a
somewhat similar attempt at getting agencies more involved in funding, and
definitely in a more direct way than just being T3A members.


something like this like it is available here for Vietnam?

sounds good.

Involvement is NOT defined by being a T3A member.
I helped in the TYPO3 page redesign for free even I am no T3A member until
In Forums and lists we help

Why I am not a member i.e.
What are my benefits as a probably interested T3A member since years. As
soon as you try to promote TYPO3 outside of the "standard european TYPO3
countries" you get complaints that jobs will be taken away, no standards,
bad communication, legal problems etc. etc. Just the opposite would be the
case - I am sure!

We had no chance to the T3INtegrator Certificate beside coming to Germany
or US for years. Last monday was the first Asia Certification in Cambodia.
Unfortunately even this great chance did not get communicated to the
community. Just a few days before the tests we received a note - to late
for even organising cheaper transportation so that also developers from
other countries could join.

Receive a free t3n magazine welcome subscription for one year (DACH
members*) - we are not in DACH


Look to Joomla, Drupal etc - Those CMS solutions get promoted especially
high in countries outside of Europe.
They have human resources available worldwide and can also mobilize them if

A major lack in communication is IMHO the main problem for all those
problems arising here.
Receive your own personal contact to a T3A board member. - What does this
exactly mean? What is the benefit from such a contact even you won't join
T3Board Events? Why can't others contact those board members as it sounds
like this?

"Inspire to share" was getting more an "Inspire to "mehr"" for some but
nomore for the community - "mehr" is the german word for "more" like it
seemed to me.

It would be great if we could get back to a real open and worldwide spread
community with a more basis democratic structure and communicational ways.


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