[TYPO3-english] Extension for showing last content

RDE Wiesbaden gr2 at ipw.net
Fri Mar 9 12:33:53 CET 2012

Sergio schrieb:
> Sorry to post as a new thread (my email client doesn't allow to respond):
> Could you show me a piece of TS code to do what I just wanted. I
> looked for some code snippets but I didn't find anything appropiate,
> and my TS knowledge is kind of poor.
> Sergio

Hi Sergio, it is simple - you do not need an extension.

if you use a standard menu system like me

you create new page
with a new contentelement from type "menue/sitemap"
select the menue type as "last recently used" or so (I am using German language)

and add a TS ext template

with following SETUP

tt_content.menu.20.5 {
			special.limit = 20
			special.maxAge = 3600*24*7*5
			excludeUidList = 3,374 # this are sample pages
			1.NO.allWrap = <div class="lastupdatedelement">|</div>
			# hier steht im Geiste 1 = TMENU	
			1.NO.after.wrap = <div class="lastupdatedelement_textblock">|</div>
			1.NO.after.stripHtml = 1
			1.NO.after.cObject = COA
			1.NO.after.cObject.10 = CONTENT
         		1.NO.after.cObject.10 {
				stdWrap.crop = 350 | &nbsp;&nbsp;. . . . .
         			table = tt_content
         			select.pidInList.field = uid
         			select.orderBy = sorting
         			where = colPos = 0

go onto this page an look


I did add a css for beter lookout

thats it.

it works fine

best regards

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