[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Jacco van der Post jacco at id-internetservices.com
Thu Mar 8 13:28:15 CET 2012

Op 8-3-2012 13:15, Jigal van Hemert schreef:

> More nice graphs! Can you please make one of peugeot.com, citroen.com
> and ferrari.com together? And compare that with the sales figures
> (number of sold cars) of those brands, please?

Why the lame joke?

> Besides, TYPO3 has a different target audience than for example Joomla
> or Wordpress. With a lot of configuration options and customizations
> also comes complexity. Simple sites, less hosting resources -> simple
> CMS tool.

I didn't mention Wordpress, neither do I think Drupal is meant only for 
simple sites. Neither do I think these graphs are very important. But 
there are some critical points in the discussion on Buzz which really 
need some attention.

Kind Regards

Jacco van der Post

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