[TYPO3-english] missing fields in powermail

Arno Dudek webmaster at adgrafik.at
Thu Mar 8 10:18:08 CET 2012

Hi list!

Using powermail 1.6.4 with T3 4.6.4.

When I use the powermail form with a backend user different fields are 
not visible, e.g. the checkbox for mandatory. I can see it only as admin.

The flexform definitions (powermail/lib/def/def_field_text.xml) shows 
the exclude property. But there are no rights to set in the backend 
group for these fields.

Using 4.5.11 with powermail 1.6.4 everything works right. And there are 
also no field permission to set in the backend group.

Can sombody confirm this issue? Is this a TYPO3 or a powermail issue?

lg arno

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