[TYPO3-english] Extension for showing last content

Sergio naguib.mahfuz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 10:02:12 CET 2012


I just installed a few months ago an extension named wec_contentelements,
what allowed me to show certain videos which were on my Vimeo page. Every
time I uploaded a video to my Vimeo page, I created the content element on
my videos page on Typo3. Now I just would like to create a folder with
these videos, instead of inserting them on the page; and using some kind of
plugin that would allow me to show the last content elements from within
this folder. Would you know some extension that does that? It's kind of
similar to tt_news plugin (deciding how many elements to show) but applied
to all types of content elements.

Thanks in advance,

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