[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Tue Mar 6 13:34:04 CET 2012

> Backporting refers to "keeping Extbase and FLOW3 in sync" (as well as
> each their own version of Fluid)? We should imho do that discussion in
> the repsective teams. To sum it up, it has lately been agreed upon that
> we need to get the cooperation between both teams more together.
> But having them diverge too much is not a solution either imho. So we
> need to find a way for cooperation and the "backporting" which you think
> is counterproductive (I tend to have a slightly different view - though
> it might be hard work from time to time).

As long as we do keep just these two components (extbase and fluid) in 
sync, I would not call this "backporting of features" but the usual 
bugfixing. Of course this is necessary and of course there should be 
cooperation between the teams. And of course I don't think that 
backporting as such is counterproductive.

But in case of ExtJS and the caching framework we got premature stuff 
with lots of performance problems and blocking bugs forced into the 
TYPO3 core just because some people thought it would be cool to do 
things the way the Phoenix guys do it. Today the Phoenix team has 
stepped back from ExtJS, but TYPO3 still has to struggle with all the 
problems that we had to buy with it.

Instead of improving existing things regarding their usability during 
the User Experience Week, there were tons of untested new features 
pushed mainly due to the enthusiasm about the upcoming v5. Some people - 
including myself - have been there and tried to prevent it, but were 
more or less ignored.

The result were huge performance problems especially for the target 
group the T3 marketing people are aiming at: Enterprise clients.

So what I would like to get is a less enthusiastic but more careful and 
professional way of thinking about those "backports" before pushing them 
into the core of the product that currently still pays the bills for all 
of us. If things are backported, they should always be optional so that 
people can activate them on demand and test them in the wild.

This is for example.why our grid elements extension, although it is the 
consequent enhancement of the backend layout feature which has been done 
on request, is based on existing hooks only and does not require any 
core patches or XCLASSes. So the core can stay stable and reliable but 
the new feature can still be tested and might be merged into the core or 
added as a sysext when it has proven to be as stable and reliable as well.

Maybe this is something we could discuss at the T3DD?



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