[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Tue Mar 6 13:21:55 CET 2012

> Backporting refers to "keeping Extbase and FLOW3 in sync" (as well as
> each their own version of Fluid)? We should imho do that discussion in
> the repsective teams. To sum it up, it has lately been agreed upon that
> we need to get the cooperation between both teams more together.
> But having them diverge too much is not a solution either imho. So we
> need to find a way for cooperation and the "backporting" which you think
> is counterproductive (I tend to have a slightly different view - though
> it might be hard work from time to time).
> Regards,
>  Stefan


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