[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0 at the corner? How is it possible

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Tue Mar 6 01:36:57 CET 2012

Hi Jigal and others discussing here how to bring TYPO3 down

You should simply ask your customers. They are not stupid even they are non technical persons and by far most of them understand the UBUNTU system of naming versions much much better than the current system, where everyone seems to be waiting that TYPO3 Version 5 get EVER released. 

We hava customers who waited long time for the big announced changes in Version 5 which now will never come like it seems. Many in our introduction Trainings to TYPO 3 liked the ideas for Version 5 as they were promoted on TYPO3.org and said: We wait! 

Again Many of them started meanwhile using Drupal or Wordpress.

Now jumping to Version 6 looks like Version 5 has already been stable and fully functional - what it is by far NOT!!!
and makes people believe they buy the NEW TYPO3. 

This is simply fooling around with all our customers.

Nearly all our customers meanwhile contacted us and are very confiused about Version 6 as they don't want to try a NEW TYPO3 as they believe it is based on Version 5!!!

The reason for this, even some of them wanted to have version 5 before ( about 4 years ago!!! already ) is that things since 2008 get never really finished to stable before new core stuff gets released.

In the last years we had to learn that TYPO3 is no more the solid rock CMS like before and that lots of things are completely discoordinated and without real leadership. 

Decisions get made in closed rooms without consulting the big community which actually keeps TYPO3 alife!

Concerning the Versioning all of the customers which contacted us prefer the Ubuntu System as it is much much fairer and meanwhile - as Microsoft is using similar naming in Word - very well known.

The decision made by a few people in a closed room seems to me complete unprofessional and not well thought!

Version 6 is simply the Versipn which follows Version 5 which -i guess - many companies already promoted over the years especially in Terms of portability of their old TYPO3 v4 content. Some perhaps have even contracts mentioning this!!!

Like Kay pointed out very clear the UBUNTU System has many benefits for all of us and lets people also forget about this Version Chaos.

Version 6 is a complete NO GO! as Version six is the successor of Version 5!!!

You will actually fool both sides:

Those who waited for Version 5 will be more than frustrated to see the old core in TYPO3  Version 6.


you fool those who are now more afraid to switch immediately to six as they believe that it is the natural successor of Version 5. All customers can count and all of them are using also some logic. 

Version6 is complete unlogical!

Those few TYPO3 people who decided over this matter pro Version 6 should simply realize that this decision will harm TYPO3 a lot like this discussion already does!

@all those TYPO3 Gurus up high in closed rooms:

Down here on earth we have a huge community of TYPO3 developers, enthusiasts, customers, friends and most of them like TYPO3 because of this community and not because of the System in first place!

Until 2008 there wasn't such a Chaos like it actually started when the "TYPO 3 King resigned"

since than there is a lot of uncoordinated and not well thought decisions in TYPO3

Redesign - well we are waiting meanwhile since 2007 for a new website and better Ter and etc etc which already has been announced in 2007!!! this is 5 years ago!
WHY? because the leader of the redesign team quited and than 3 people could not figure out who will be the next leader - and which design might be the best. 

Version 5
announced an promoted since years ( over 5 years) it seem to never happen like some said already before 2008! But at that time those behind closed doors decided to promote TYPO3 V.5 and even a big licence discussion brought it up.

Version 4.2,x, 4,3,x, 4.4.x
Never ever until 4.2 and even worst 4.4.3 has been released we had to invest so much time in broken and compatibility stuff. Meanwhile with every update you have to fear that something is gone again. One main reason we got customers which were before hosted and developed by others.

Included Update and security fix service is a real recommendation and I would say necessity for everybody who want to have a TYPO3 website running all time and in future releases.

and there are much more of those closed door decision examples and the most interesting thing is that most of those closed door decisions caused great Chaos and are harming because during the Snow Board Event those decisions suddenly reach publicity.

Check out the very long discussion in 2008 about the TYPO3 website redesign it was exactly like the one right here. And do we have a new TYPO3 website until now NO. It could have already been launched in 2008 if there would have been no closed door decision and confusion after T3Board 2008! 


Wake up and start asking the community first or put someone up there who is a real leader - read Jesus, CEO by Laurie Beth Jones. 

Kaspar was one who belived in those ancient wisdom for visionary leadership and people - we all followed him.

The leadership right now is not existing - IMHO. It is orientated on the benefits for a few and no more on Joh316.



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On Mar 6, 2012, at 2:33, Jigal van Hemert <jigal at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 5-3-2012 19:03, Andi wrote:
>> no good idea steffen as you did not understand why kay or ubuntu
>> simply uses Year Numbers as Release Numbers. Simply use Year and
>> month and bugfix is third place
> More confusion I'd say:
> 12.04.0
> 12.10.0
> 13.04.0
> Where's 12.05 - 12.09?
> Where's 13.0?
> Is 12.10 a minor upgrade and 13.04 a major upgrade from 12.10?
> (Yes, I understand the scheme, but many non-technical will have trouble understanding).
> The nice thing about having major version numbers back is that it can help get a message across:
> major versions: big changes
> minor versions: smaller changes
> bugfix versions: only bugfixes, no changes
> This scheme is used so often that it is obvious to most people.
> -- 
> Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,
> Jigal van Hemert.
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