[TYPO3-english] yag nivoslider theme

Gabor Horn gabor at h3online.hu
Sun Mar 4 16:32:09 CET 2012


i!m using typo3 4.5.11 and yag 1.4.5 and yag themepack jquert 0.5.0. I'd 
like to use the nivoSlider theme to show an ImageList. On the frontend 
the images doesn't show with this theme (they appear with lightbox theme 
so the image settings are ok i guess), and i see the following 
javascript error in debug:

jQuery('#nivoSlider-3').nivoSlider is not a function

examining the source i see the two following JS inclusions:



i can click on both and can see their js source, so i'm not sure why 
they not get included properly (if that is the problem). Unfortunatelly 
in the YAG docs i didn't find if i have to make any extra steps to 
install niveSlider. After taht i found a niveSLider extension in TER, i 
installed it, but that also didn't help. Do i need to build a custom 
jQuery for my site with the jQuery plugin? Or should Yag jQuery stuff 
would work "out of the box" with that 2 js include what i can see in the 
html head?

thanks, Gabor Horn

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