[TYPO3-about] Working as a developer instead of making documentation

Christian Woebbeking woebchr at gmx.de
Mon Jan 21 12:09:34 CET 2013

Hello T3-community,

TYPO3 certainly is the most used Open Source Enterprise CMS. This is also a
result because of this community. 

Since being part of this community as a volunteer inside the T3-Docu-Team I
often ask myself:
* Why do people support this kind of projects?
* And furthermore: Why do people prefer working as a developer instead of
making documentation?

Maybe the answers could be:
 - making documentation sounds boring or
- there is a lack of time or
- there is less personal benefit or
- ...

Theses question I want to study during my master thesis. But before starting
a poll regarding this study I want to discuss this with you and listen to
your ideas.

Best regards

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