[Neos] [TEAM] Technical discussion next week - Feature set for FLOW 3.0

Bastian Waidelich bastian at typo3.org
Fri Jan 16 18:24:30 CET 2015

Dear all,

we've had a long "Technical Discussion Meeting" this morning with many 

But some facts up-front:

I'm flattered to be "elected" Release Manager for TYPO3 Flow 3.0 (the 
base of the next Neos version).
We decided to freeze the feature-set of both products on the *15th of 
February 2015*!

We used todays meeting to get a consensus of important (and possibly 
breaking) changes for the next versions amongst other things.
Below is a condensed summary of our conclusions. If you think there's 
something wrong or missing please don't hesitate to respond here or get 
in touch with me or Robert (RM of the next *Neos* release).

We are aware of the fact that there are important issues to be tackled 
beyond the "technical universe" (e.g. tear-down contribution barriers & 
marketing). We briefly discussed those today but there will be dedicated 
meetings focused on those topics exclusively.

Summary of today's "Technical Discussion Meeting":

Adrian, Aske, Andi, Bastian, Christian, Christopher, Daniel, Dmitri, 
Dominique, Helmut, Jacob, Karsten, Marc, Markus, Rens, Robert, Sebastian 
(bear with me if I forgot someone).

Important changes for Flow 3.0

* Remaining ACL changes (FLOW-11)
   * Foundation is already in Git master. Changes under review to be 
merged soon!
   -> Will be included! (Responsible: Bastian, Andi)

* Consistent Fluid escaping behavior (FLOW-26)
   * This change was merged before Christmas and then reverted because 
it broke Neos.
   * The fix is breaking and has a big impact (to all ViewHelpers that 
render HTML)
   * It's an important change that increases security
   -> Will be included! We'll add a code migration that adjusts *all* 
existing ViewHelpers to minimize the impact though.  (Responsible: Bastian)

* CSRF fixes (FLOW-130 - private ticket)
   * Fix(es) are under review and only need some fine-tuning
   -> Will be included!  (Responsible: Bastian)

* Improved validation (FLOW-17)
   * Would be very nice to have that fixed, but it's a very invasive change
   -> Will be included if there are volunteers to work on this (anyone?)

* InjectConfiguration annotation (FLOW-148)
   * About to be merged
   -> Will be included! (Responsible: Bastian)

* Charset/collation in DB migrations (NEOS-800)
   * Karsten adjusted existing migrations but there were concerns about 
existing projects with different charsets/collations
   * Christian & Karsten will add a migration that addresses existing tables
   -> Will be included! (Responsible: Karsten, Christian)

* Better ValueObject support (#55953)
   * Proper hash generation and better support for DateTime properties 
is already ready-to-merge
   * There are some additional (sub)issues like "support for Doctrine 
2.5 embeddables" that could be tackled separately
   -> Will be included (partly)! (Responsible: Adrian)

* Decouple Party package (FLOW-5)
   * patches still need some love and discussions but it shouldn't be a 
lot of work
   -> Will be included (Responsible: Adrian, Bastian)

And some changes that are not breaking but nonetheless very important:

* Proper PSR-4 support (FLOW-58)
   * There are still some issues that needs to be solved (see 
   -> Has to be included! (Responsible: Adrian, Bastian)

* Persistable property introduction
   * Ready to merge (https://review.typo3.org/24229, 
   -> Will be included (Responsible: Adrian)

* Proper object population in ObjectConverter
   * Ready to merge (https://review.typo3.org/31925)
   -> Will be included (Responsible: Adrian)

* Proper XLIFF support
   * Ready to merge (https://review.typo3.org/21361)
   -> Will be included (Responsible: Adrian)

* Monolog integration
   * Under review (https://review.typo3.org/33663)
   * Log file format will change
   * The old logger implementation can still be activated via Objects.yaml
   -> Will be included (Responsible: Christian)

Important changes for Neos 1.3

* Simple workflow feature for Neos (NEOS-928)
   * Robert collected some initial ideas and is working on this
   -> A first version will hopefully make it into the next release

* More stable and functional node tree (NEOS-775)
   * Aske has collected some ideas and created tickets
   -> We probably won't be able to tackle all ideas for the upcoming 
release, but hopefully some of them!

* Refactor node querying () ()
   * Christopher started working on this (https://review.typo3.org/35470)
   -> Will hopefully make it into the release as a stable foundation for 
many other feature

* General UI improvements
   * We didn't have enough time to discuss this in depth, but Rens 
suggested to catch up on that in a dedicated meeting

Bastian Waidelich

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