[Neos] [Neos 1.2] Installation problem: are virtual hosts necessary?

David Cumberbeach typo3.newsgroup at cumberbeach.com
Mon Jan 5 04:18:53 CET 2015

On 5/01/2015 8:57 AM, Philipp Gampe wrote:
> Hi Jim Heckler,
> Jim Heckler wrote:
>> I'm having an issue installing Neos 1.2 on a remote server. I don't have
>> direct access to the server configuration files and have been told by the
>> sysop that any changes made to the httpd file will be overwritten by
>> cPanel, which is running on that server. Thus, I don't think I have any
>> way to set up a virtual host on this server. Is this absolutely necessary
>> and might there be a work around?
> You can setup a virtual host via cPanel. Just add a new domain or subdomain.

That could be a workaround for cPanel, but the use of virtual hosts is 
still a problem on other systems. Can Neos be setup without virtual hosts?
I ran into a problem with setup on HSphere based shared hosting. HSphere 
creates a new web root folder for every hosted domain (eg. 
"mydomain.com"), and it's impossible to setup a virtual host pointing to 
a sub-folder such as "web". I ended up abandoning Neos and returning to 
TYPO3 CMS because I couldn't find a workaround.

>> On a related note, I tried setting up a test installation on my own PC
>> running xampp. Here, I do have the ability to set up a virtual host but I
>> am running on Win7 and am curious about the loopback step described here:
>> http://neos.typo3.org/develop/download.html. It says "Add an entry to
>> /etc/hosts: neos.demo" however this is for a unix system. Can
>> anyone tell me where the analogous location would be on a windows-based
>> apache server? I've read that installation on Windows is not optimal but I
>> don't have access to a linux box at the moment.
> It should be:
> C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
> @see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_(file)#Location_in_the_file_system
> Best regards

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