[Neos] Re: Default content dimension

Sascha lsascha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 12:42:12 CEST 2015

I also have issues with languages.

I want to have either no language or at least german as default.

But when i remove everything contentDimension related in sites/my.package/Configuration/Settings.yaml i get error "page not found" when i try to access it either from frontend or backend.

When i select German as default in the Settings.yaml i get the same "page not found" error.

        label: 'Language'
        icon: 'icon-language'
        default: 'de'
        defaultPreset: 'de'
          'all': ~
            label: 'German'
            values: ['de']
            uriSegment: 'de'
            label: 'English (US)'
            values: ['en_US']
            uriSegment: 'en'

It seems it really only wants en_US as default language.

i even tried the current dev-master.

Removing or changing the <dimension><language>en_US</langugage></dimension> part in the Resources/Private/Content/Sites.xml file does not help too. Am i doing anything completely wrong here?


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