[Neos] General Neos performance experience

Lienhart Woitok Lienhart.Woitok at netlogix.de
Fri Sep 26 13:38:23 CEST 2014

Hi Torben,

you are testing with a concurrency setting of 100. This means, ab makes 100 simultaneous requests
to the web server. While FPM as far as I know is by default configured with a sane setting for
the maximum number of processes, apache is probably not. What therefore probably happens is that
apache starts about 100 PHP processes with up to 128MB of RAM each (of which Neos uses quite a bit).
Therefore, the server probably starts swapping quite heavily, and then everything starts to get slow.
FPM in default configuration starts probably something in the magnitude of 10 or 15 processes, which
is well within the limits of the server. Therefore you get a much better result out of it.

I would have expected nginx+FPM to be slightly faster than apache+mod_php, but not by a factor of 4-5,
more in the magnitude of 0.5 to 2 requests per second.

If you configure your apache to only accept a manageable amount of concurrent clients, you should get
better results of it. Please be aware that if you do that you also restrict the number of requests to
static resources, which is not desirable. Therefore I tend to discourage the use of mod_php in production

Alternatively you can run ab with a concurrency of 10 or 15 which should also not overwhelm your server
in your current configuration.

I hope this sheds a bit of light on your experiences.


Lienhart Woitok

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have you tried running your Apache Installation with PHP-FPM aswell. I
would consider that a better base for comparison.

2014-09-26 12:24 GMT+02:00 Torben Hansen <derhansen at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> I've been testing a while with TYPO3 Neos (1.1.2) and made some tests
> regarding webserver setup and Neos performance.
> I installed 2 servers (on a VMWare ESXi cluster) in my local test
> environment and configured them as following.
> Server 1
> - Debian 7.5
> - 2 GB RAM
> - 2 CPUs (Intel Xeon E5335 @ 2.0 GHz)
> - Apache 2.2 (default package)
> - PHP 5.4 as mod_php (default package) with 128 MB memory limit
> - PHP APC (default package) with 128 MB memory
> Server 2
> - Debian 7.5
> - 2 GB RAM
> - 2 CPUs (Intel Xeon E5335 @ 2.0 GHz)
> - Nginx 1.2.1 (default package)
> - PHP-FPM 5.4 (default package) with 128 MB memory limit
> - PHP APC (default package) with 128 MB memory
> On each server I created a virtual host with a local Neos installation
> (NeosDemoTypo3Org Package). The context of the Neos installations is
> configured to "Production"
> Then I'll perform some performance test with Apache Bench like shown below.
> ab -c 100 -n 1000 http://neos.apache.local/
> With Apache2, I get results from 3 - 5 requests per second.
> ab -c 100 -n 1000 http://neos.nginx.local/
> With Nginx, I get results from 15 - 18 requests per second.
> My question is, if those result can be considered as "normal" or if I may
> be missing some important configuration options? Do others of you have
> similar performance experiences?
> Best regards
> Torben
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