[Neos] Neos 1.2 - errors in backend: configuration/settings and configuration/NodeTypes

Christian Glass mail at christianglass.de
Fri Nov 28 16:26:27 CET 2014

Thx, Karsten!

I have installed Neos 1.2 with composer and the -beta option.

How do I incorporate  those fixes/commits into my existing installation?

And what is this "Gerrit Review" about?

Am 28. November 2014 09:13:55 MEZ, schrieb Karsten Dambekalns <karsten at typo3.org>:
>On 28.11.2014, at 06:44, Christian Glass <mail at christianglass.de>
>> Is there any indication in Jira telling a bug reporter that his bug
>report (e.g. Neos-812) is connected to your item Neos-813 (and also the
>other item that covers the FlOW part AS well)?
>From what I *think* Aske didn’t know about your NEOS-812, otherwise he
>wouldn’t have created NEOS-813. :) Other than that, issues can be
>linked (did that now) and when a commit has the issue id in the commit
>message footer, links to the changes are visible in the “Gerrit
>Reviews” tab of an issue.
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