[Neos] Role of Typo3 CMS/NEOS going forward

Rasmus Skjoldan rasmus at typo3.org
Wed Nov 19 19:50:40 CET 2014

Hi Daniel

I've been quite involved in this discussion so I'll try to answer you. Though from my personal point of view... I hope others will add to this discussion.

It is neither planned nor decided that Neos should eventually be the only CMS made by the TYPO3 community. In other words, pretty much a yes to your question nr. 1 – they will run in parallel. If not indefinitely then for a very long time.

So Neos is not "taking over" TYPO3 CMS and you don't need to move to Neos at any given time. 

Fyi. I've been discussing all this with the TYPO3 CMS team as well – and in regard to UX planning we're talking about collaborating more.

Taken even further, someone recently suggested that the TYPO3 community could also invite other open source CMS's in under the TYPO3 umbrella. I don't know if that's ever going to happen but I personally like that idea very much and could see TYPO3 becoming an open source community developing multiple OS CMS's. No matter what will happen, we're definitely going to keep producing multiple products within TYPO3.

As I understand current development of TYPO3 CMS, the team is working really hard (and very well) on developing a revised strategy for the product – for it to evolve. I'm in favour of that and could imagine the products either complementing each other or providing more different approaches to content management.

So – if I were a client right now I would feel quite confident in choosing both CMS and Neos. Also for a longer stretch of time. 

I guess we can't guarantee much more than what the CMS LTS gives you + current roadmaps of the products – but this is the direction I see for us. 

Best. Rasmus

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> On 19/11/2014, at 17.21, Daniel Davis <dan at danizen.net> wrote:
> My user community has started to evaluate a Typo3 CMS prototype.   They've also had a demo of Typo3 NEOS, but we definitely need Workspaces with a review model prior to publication, and we also want to use the Tesseract extensions.   
> We have some questions about the relationship between Typo3 CMS/NEOS:
> 1.  Is Typo3 CMS supposed to continue in parallel to Typo3 NEOS indefinitely?
> 2.  How long before we need to move to Typo3 NEOS (assuming the answer to 1 is "no")?
> This also gives rise to the more general question:
> 3. What is the role of Typo3 CMS and Typo3 NEOS going forward.
> Typo3 is truly open-source.   I'm not expecting definitive answers, but would like to hear opinions and thoughts.
> Thanks,
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