[Neos] Role of Typo3 CMS/NEOS going forward

Daniel Davis dan at danizen.net
Wed Nov 19 17:21:40 CET 2014

My user community has started to evaluate a Typo3 CMS prototype.   They've also had a demo of Typo3 NEOS, but we definitely need Workspaces with a review model prior to publication, and we also want to use the Tesseract extensions.   

We have some questions about the relationship between Typo3 CMS/NEOS:

1.  Is Typo3 CMS supposed to continue in parallel to Typo3 NEOS indefinitely?

2.  How long before we need to move to Typo3 NEOS (assuming the answer to 1 is "no")?

This also gives rise to the more general question:

3. What is the role of Typo3 CMS and Typo3 NEOS going forward.

Typo3 is truly open-source.   I'm not expecting definitive answers, but would like to hear opinions and thoughts.


Daniel Davis, Systems/Applications Architect (Contractor),
Office of Computer and Communications Systems, National Library of Medicine, NIH

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