[Neos] Meeting from 17.11.2014 - 11:00

Sebastian Kurfürst sebastian at typo3.org
Tue Nov 18 11:28:18 CET 2014

Meeting from 17.11.2014 - 11:00

♫ Neos 1.2 Beta Release

♫ we got great feedback for 1.2 release


✔ rebased Node Privileges on Master ➜ first push today

➜ write tests for privilege types for nodes

➜ rens could try Node UI changes based on that


✔ follow-ups/testing of ACL features

➜ continue

➜ “arbitrary roles for backend users” (NEOS-115)

➜ FE-login (NEOS-433)


✔ Resource Handling rebased and fixed

✔ worked on dropbox integration

➜ finish today, get authentication done

➜ merge TONIGHT (getting real… :) )


✔ answered Flow/Neos Mailing Lists

➜ code reviews

➜ look at SEO functionality, together with Markus

♫ finished 143rd in my first ever boulder competition ;) my sons came
out 7th and 11th *pride/envy*


➜ working on the seo stuff starting with page title

➜ working on basic tags

➜ needs some feedback for default rendering of pagetitle depending of
the demo site

☠ searching for a logo for tabbed inspector

ⓘ will have some meetings today and tomorrow


✔ cleaned and pushed Neos History to review (directly inside TYPO3.Neos)

➜ Inspiring Conference Planning

➜ Neos 1.3 Release Notes

ⓘ only available today and tomorrow, holidays afterwards


✔ Reviews

✔ Ported my devbox to a new macbook with ansible


    inspired by sandstorms ansible repo on github, but then with
    macports: https://github.com/SimplyAdmire/Ansible-MacPorts-Devbox

☠ Having issues with a Neos project on master and non-migrated packages
that conflict with the acl implementation

➜ Fix those packages

➜ Start working on the UI change for acl’s again (andi: it doesn’t bite
you writing tests for the privilege stuff :p, just working on the JS part)

☠ having an exhausting weekend


✔ reviewed / discovered new bugs / fixed them / reviewed / … resource

✔ helped with 1.2 beta 1 release

➜ further tests fixes for resource management, current ETA: tonight

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