[Neos] Transform Root Node in Shortcut

Roman Abt ra at taywa.ch
Tue Mar 25 15:04:55 CET 2014

dear aske

thank you so much for your reply. i did execute the folllowing command
after i changed the nodetype in the DB:
./flow node:autocreatechildnodes --node-type TYPO3.Neos:Shortcut
...and the output was:
Node structure for workspace "live" already up to date

however: after a couple of browser-reloads the exception on the
frontpage was gone. so i am not complaining. but in the neos backend
the shortcut cannot be edited. it shows the following error:

Could not read page metadata from response. Please open the location
http://schneider-recht.taywa.ch/@user-ratadmin outside the Neos

but that's not an urgent problem right now.

all the best

taywa gmbh _ roman abt _ kernstrasse 37 _ 8004 zürich
ra at taywa.ch _ +41 (0)79 307 19 67

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