[Neos] Inline Editable Page Property

Benno Weinzierl bw at s2intermedia.de
Sun Mar 16 12:36:06 CET 2014

Hi Forum,

i have created a Custom Nodetype (derived from Page) with an additional property "abstract".
This property is configured to be inlineEditable in the NodeTypes.yaml and put out using the "editable" ViewHelper directrly in the body-template. It is also passed to the template in the ts2 prototype of my NodeType.

Now the Problem:
If i create the NodeType i see the default text of the abstract in my template just fine. BUT: The Aloha Editor is not loaded and the element is not selectable to edit. It gets the editable-css-class but is not editable.

Is it not possible to inline-edit properties of Document-Type NodeTypes?

I played around with custom content elements and they work just fine.

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