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Andreas Förthner andreas.foerthner at netlogix.de
Tue Jun 24 12:37:48 CEST 2014

Hi Aske,

thanks for the hints. Probably I was a bit fast with the submission,
sorry. Anyways we still can collect the ideas in the document and then
have a hangout. In the end it shouldn¹t be a problem to change my
submission again, if we find out that we have to adjust the current

Greets Andi

Am 24.06.14 12:05 schrieb "Aske Ertmann" unter <aske at moc.net>:

>Hey everybody
>Before you start submitting all your talks I think we should have a
>hangout meeting for everyone wanting to do talks. At least looking at the
>document it seems you already submitted yours Andi. Coordinating the
>talks is already something some of us discussed at least. Since everybody
>might not be able to join the hangout the document you started could be
>the master plan and should not be final until a week or two, the call for
>paper ends July 15th.
>There are pretty strict guidelines for the talks coming from Volker,
>which you should know before submitting. Especially how technical they
>are allowed to get. Things like target audience should be considered and
>clear for every talk.
>Another thing is that we should coordinate the talks so we cover as many
>aspects as possible in the best way we can.
>It should be a team effort to deliver excellent coverage for Flow/Neos on
>the conference and not individual driven IMO.
>Just my two cents,
>On 23 Jun 2014, at 20:12, Andreas Förthner
><andreas.foerthner at netlogix.de> wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I just started a little document to collect talks for the upcoming
>>T3CON in Berlin. Feel free to add your ideas, we should send the full
>>list to Volker within the next two weeksŠ
>> Greets Andi
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