[Neos] [UX] Is "Workspace" a too technical term

Dominique Feyer dfeyer at ttree.ch
Tue Jun 17 13:43:04 CEST 2014

After a nice meeting with a client around Neos, this strange idea just popup over my head. The user ask me « What’s a Workspace ? » 

I’m used to this term mostly because of the TYPO3 CMS. But a workspace is an other thing in real life. A common definition is:

space used or required for one's work, as in an office or home.

A Workspace in CMS or Neos, is a place where you edit a « future version » of your website. It can be a playground, a small edit or a full layout change and content refactoring. 

Based on that I remember that Prismic.io use an other term for this feature: « Content Release » 

I don’t know for you, but for me « Content Release » sounds more user « friendly » and more descriptive about the feature. A content release can be published, archived, shared, …

I’m really interested by your point on this subject.


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