[Neos] Creating a ContentCollection same way as any other content

Stefan Reichelt eichelt at web.de
Tue Jun 3 23:25:06 CEST 2014

Hello there,

does anybody know a way to dynamically create a ContentCollection on a
page node the same way as any other content node like headline or text?
Is is even technically possible?

I tried to change the nodetype this way through a custom package:
  superTypes: ['TYPO3.Neos:Content']
    group: 'structure'
      type: string
        label: 'Name'
        reloadIfChanged: TRUE
          group: 'type'
        'TYPO3.Neos/Validation/NotEmptyValidator': []
          minimum: 1
          maximum: 255
          regularExpression: '/^[a-z0-9\-]+$/i'

Having Content as supertype I could at least create a ContentCollection
through the 'Create new' button. I added '_name to properties so I could
change its name to something more simpler than the random 'nodeSomeNumbers'.

However I was unable to use a ContentCollection created in such a way:
1. I cannot access its properties using the inspector. Dunno why. I can
however access and try to change the properties of 'actual'
ContentCollections (since they are defined as childNodes). But:

2. Changing any of its properties never works. I get the 'Saving...'
thingy with a loadbar, but it never finishes. I suppose
ContentCollections are just not meant to be changed ever?

3. I cannot publish a created ContentCollection neither after its
creation nor through Workspaces. I have to reload the page to get to
publish it through the publish buttons dropdown menu. Until I do publish
is its named 'Untitled', afterwards its the usual 'ContentCollection

So yeah. It's not really a problem if it isn't possible at all to do.
But would have been nice.

Also on a site note:
When creating a new page node, you can directly input a name for that
page inside of the pages nodetree.
Could this feature also be possible for content nodes in their tree?

Kind regards

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