[Neos] Problem with link in editable content

Piseth Sok piseth at web-essentials.asia
Fri Jul 18 06:33:01 CEST 2014

Hi List,

I create a content type with property : title and content.
and I use content as editable content

<div id="collapse-{node.identifier}" {attributes -> f:format.raw()}>
	{neos:contentElement.editable(property: 'content')}

In backend, I added text with link to another page in ALOHA RTE.

It should be : http://www.local.neos-box.wehost.asia/projects.html
But the result: node://066c177d-e9b8-3437-d180-6b43d617108a

Note: it work fine in default text content element.

Did I do s.th wrong?


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