[Neos] Add multiple image selector for carousel to inspector

Patrick Rodacker patrick.rodacker at the-reflection.de
Wed Jul 16 22:20:12 CEST 2014

Hi Neos list,

I have been of the TYPO3 grid for the last three years and doing now my 
first steps to catch up again in recent developments ... I feel like a 
total greenhorn after focusing only on TYPO3 CMS before and now building 
my first private NEOS site. So far I am pretty much impressed with the 
work and the system though perfomance is not optimal from scratch, but I 
guess this is related to my lack of knowledge about how to tweek the 
caching mechanisms right at the moment.

Here is what I want to achieve: I would like to extend the standard page 
NodeType (TYPO3.Neos:Document), so editors would be able to add several 
images (flexible amount) in the inspector which would be displayed as 
bootstrap carousel on the website. I read the available documentation 
and figured out so far, that what I want is not available ... but maybe 
I missed something.

Is there a way to add a kind of imageCollection to the inspector or is 
it atm only possible to add a fixed number of images belonging to one group?

What would be the best way to add this on the inspector level?

The Asset Editor introduced in 1.1 could be starting point I guess, but 
I am not sure, so I thought I ask the experts.

I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed here after a couple of ours ;-)

Best regards from Sweden

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