[Neos] Neos JavaScript Refactoring Work RFC

Aske Ertmann aske at moc.net
Wed Jul 16 13:47:09 CEST 2014

Hi Sebastian

Great to hear. Just wanted to mention that I’m totally in favor of this. We have a budget that we definitely should use and this is a topic that requires a little motivation, time and skilled work.

Regarding topics I think there are a few to add:

* Finish JavaScript restructuring https://forge.typo3.org/issues/48328 – probably 1-2 days
* Add a page state object and get rid of referencing $(‘page-metainformation’) everywhere (21 occurrences currently) – probably 1 day
* General release work (release 1.1.1 and 1.0.3)

Regarding the mentioned topics:
* general code reviews of bigger features – big + from me
* Helping with the split-screen translation UI – + from me
* JavaScript / Backend Communication (REST Service Cleanups, …) – + from me
* reworking content editing, getting rid of additional layers such as create. – not something I see the product would benefit much from so -1 from me

Additionally I can of course come up with tons of other things to work on, but question is if that’s interesting to you.

* Help finish features for 1.2
** Placeholder support
** Translated UI
* Finish resource management
* Finish packages overview for neos.typo3.org
* Get rid of chosen and use Select2 everywhere
* Start working on a integrated search for the Neos user interface
* Implement content slide operation
* Implement aspect ratios for cropping of images
* Improve usability of image editor (already discussed how to proceed)
* Implement a Image typoscript object
* Improve publishing button usability
* Improve exception handling for TypoScript to avoid broken pages
* Make media package more robust to handle non-existing resources (breaks horribly currently)
* Fix redirection issue after log out where redirected to JSON request e.g.
* Handle logged out sessions
* Finish TypoScript @if feature
* Cache Eel variables in template (avoid concurrent calls to same getters from template) – performance issue
* Implement the extensible content collection (allow content collection as content elements directly)

There’s so much to do and we of course need to prioritize and I think that we should get more people involved so we can actually used the budget we have.

Best regards

On 16 Jul 2014, at 09:21, Sebastian Kurfürst <sebastian at typo3.org> wrote:

> Hey my fellow team members,
> as some of you might know, my company has grown a bit over the last
> months. Now I am at a point where our current projects only need minimal
> work from my side, as the remaining team is doing a great job there.
> This puts me into the position to have some more freedom in what to do
> again.
> While I could do Neos projects (and I'd certainly like to!), I also
> thought that it would be a good point in time to do some refactorings on
> the TYPO3 Neos core, possibly in the following areas -- in order to get
> a more robust Neos foundation which we can build new features upon more
> easily. I could imagine at least the following topics:
>  * JavaScript / Backend Communication (REST Service Cleanups, ...)
>  * reworking content editing, getting rid of additional layers such as
>    create.
>  * general code reviews of bigger features
>  * Helping with the split-screen translation UI
> So, I'd like to work on the Neos core for a little extended amount of
> time, currently I'd like to aim for about one month. I expect to be able
> to work around 4 hours per day on Neos. If we take the Association
> hourly rate of 55 Eur, that would be around 4000 - 5000 Euros.
> So, my questions now:
>  * What do you think of that idea in general?
>  * What topics would you like most / what did I miss?
>  * What budget should we take this money from? Or shall I ask the
>    association directly (in case you all agree)?
> Greets, and thanks for your feedback,
> Sebastian
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