[Neos] Social Media Multi Channel Publisher

Rahul Mahadev rahul.mahadev7 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 17:56:08 CEST 2014

Hello Community,hope I got the right Forum here.I have been building a Social Media Multi Channel Connector for Neos as a part of my GSOC project.Currently it supports Facebook and Twitter,here are some of its features.

1.Automatic publishing to the desired Channel by a single check of a checkbox in the inspector thanks to Signal-Slot implementation.
2.NodeTypes Currently supported are Page,Text and Headline and any Node which inherits these must work fine.
3.It is easy to extend this to other custom NodeTypes by just extending an existing class and making the required changes.
4.When you publish a Page to say Facebook,it automatically takes the headline as the Content of the post.and the textnode as the description and the page as the link.and any images present will be taken as image parameter.
5.A Preview system has been built which shows what the post will look like once published.

You can find the repository at github.com/hybridNeo/rahul.socialConnect
and for more information you can refer my blog mahadevrahul.blogspot.in

I wanted some inputs from the community to make this project better.and if theres any feature to be implemented please leave a comment below.

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