[Neos] ~500ms in Production Context

Carsten Bleicker carsten at bleicker.de
Wed Jul 9 19:29:13 CEST 2014

Thank you Robert,
think i will try a nginx setup withing the next week and will report my results.

Get well soon!


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Am 09.07.2014 um 17:47 schrieb Robert Lemke <robert at typo3.org>:

> Hi Carsten,
> I didn't find the energy (literarily) to take a closer look at your XHP logs, but I assume that the problem is rather in your setup and not in your application or Neos site.
> Personally I'm too busy with the Neos multi language support to take a close look at your server setup at the moment, but maybe you can get some hints by others. For example, in a parallel thread ("Neos on all-inkl.com managed Server") Christian Loock reports that Neos is working for him. The site (http://www.clouded-sky.net/) has a response time of 180ms from my end of the internet, so that's much better than the 500ms you reported.
> I ran my own site on a Jiffybox for a long time (with Nginx + PHP-FPM on PHP 5.5) which had much better response times than 500ms. So I really guess that's where you should look at.
> Cheers,
> Robert
>> On 8. Jul 2014, at 20:53 , Carsten Bleicker <carsten at bleicker.de> wrote:
>> On my local mashine (ssd) and also on a jweiland hosting
>> response times are ~500ms. So i run plumber and i think it is
>> the require_once of simpleFileBackend wich slows down the response time.
>> Maybe some core devs could tell me: Do you allways use a MemCache?
>> Do you get responsetimes < 100ms if you use simpleFileBackend?
>> This is my plumber result of file loadings:
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