[Neos] [Team] Planning 2014 recap

Christian Müller christian.mueller at typo3.org
Fri Jan 31 13:10:56 CET 2014

Hey Marcin,

Marcin Ryzycki wrote:
>> Lastly we decided upon the code sprint dates as mentioned in the
>> previous post from Sebastian, which were to have it the days leading
>> up to the Inspiring Conference meaning March 24.–27.
> Thanks for recap Aske - all that sounds really good.

I join in here. Thanks Aske for organizing the whole thing and planning!

> What's exactly the theme of that code sprint?

This will be a general code sprint, that means we will work on new and 
exciting features usually. What exactly will depend on the state at that 
point in time. I could imagine the finalisation of translations and/or 
access controls. But as we are many people there so a lot of other 
things will happen as well. Usually work on stuff that is so big that it 
doesn't happen in parallel to "normal" work life is done on sprints.

> Does it makes sense to
> come just for one day (Thursday), just before conf, while I'm still
> quite new to Neos?

Sure just join in. Especially if you are around only one day it would be 
good if you have a git master ready as well as your dev environment 
setup (with gerrit push hook and so on). Usually we have a lot of tasks 
from small to big. There probably won't be too much time for mentoring, 
at least on the last day of the code sprint when everyone is deep into a 
task this is difficult. But we are always open for questions or 
discussion about a solution. You can also just look over our shoulders 
but of course we would prefer if you took some ticket and joined in. Can 
also be bug fixes you are working on anyway.

  At least I'd get a sens what it's like - I've never
> attended anything like that so... sorry for lame questions ;-)

There are no lame questions :) You are very welcome to join, no need to 
be afraid of anything. First code sprint is always special.


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