[Neos] Calling non-Neos controller gives security error

Christian Loock brainshack at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 13:31:24 CET 2014

I think you definitly need to add Policies for your controller, since
missing policies would be interpreted as abstained, which would cause an

Just add ACL for your controller in your Policy.yaml for the
Typo3.Neos:Editor Role.

As to the other part of the question:

You usually won't need to add your own routes. You can just set up your
module like in this tutorial:


However, this will also display your module in the menu, but there might be
a config setting to hide it there. Then you can just use Neos' ViewHelper
to generate a link to your module. I'm not sure about the name of this
viewhelper but you can easily look it up in your Neos installation under
Packages/Application/Typo3.Neos/Class/Typo3/Neos/ViewHelpers i think. (Not
sure since im at work and dont have a working copy at hand)


2014-02-25 12:55 GMT+01:00 Mathias Bolt Lesniak, LiliO Design <
mathias at lilio.com>:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to dynamically load data into an inspector SelectBox, by
> modifying Neos' MasterPluginEditor.js file, but when I try to fetch data
> from my own controller, I get a security error: "#1258721059: The security
> context contained no tokens which could be authenticated."
> On the PHP side, I have basically followed the steps in the chapter
> "Creating a TYPO3 Neos plugin" of the Integrator Guide, which means I have
> also added the Flow default routes to Configuration/Routes.yaml, so I
> should be able to see the output from the controller when accessing
> http://testdomain.local/mypackage/mycontroller/myaction. Instead I get
> this security error.
> What is the right way here? Should I A) add a policy or is there a way to
> B) call the controller through some Neos API?
> Option B is maybe the best, as it doesn't require adding the Flow default
> routes to Configuration/Routes.yaml of every Neos implementation.
> Any help would be much appreciated! :-)
> Best wishes
> Mathias Bolt Lesniak
> LiliO - www.lilio.no
> mathias at lilio.com
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