[Neos] Localization research

Dominique Feyer dfeyer at ttree.ch
Tue Feb 11 23:03:42 CET 2014

Hi Bernd,

Just some clarification about the current implementation of Localization in
Neos, we have real Locale support so something like de_DE, de_CH ... will
both offer the DE language but for different country (so with different
currency, date and number format, ...).

For each languge you can define a custom language fallback. So the
configuration is a lot more powerful than the current CMS. And other good
point is that we don't have a default language. So your default language
per local can be different and can change in the futur without breaking

2014-02-11 15:10 GMT+01:00 bernd wilke <t3ng at bernd-wilke.net>:

I have not used NEOS yet but here are usecases from TYPO2 CMS:
> TYPO3-languages are also used to specify a country-specific page content.
> so one language can be found in multiple versions.
> example: englisch, englisch in Great Britain, englisch in USA englisch in
> Australia, englisch in Canada.
> parallel a version in french for france, french in switzerland, french in
> canada.
> For each Langauge there could be different fallbacks, so an editor does ot
> need to duplicate language-records.
> as most content is equal in one language family it is good to
> differentiate just single pages or content. (e.q.different VAT)
> and as it just occurs in the CMS-NG: how can these versions visualized to
> the editor?
> bernd
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