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Rasmus Skjoldan rasmus at typo3.org
Tue Feb 11 17:07:29 CET 2014

>> If you'd like to help out, then please comment at rasmusskjoldan.com/post/76313520739/researching-localization-for-typo3-neos with use cases from your client projects or experiences with localization in general.
> Unfortunately Disqus wants it bit too much on an account I can login with (why does it need to access almost anything in my Twitter account?)

Hadn't noticed that myself... Hmm. Should change from tumblr to Neos, I guess :-)

> Use cases:
> - website content is translated in one or more languages and content in the leading language is changed. Editors (or external translators) need to find out what has changed exactly and adjust translations.
> - part of the content in various languages is the same for all languages (e.g. images). These need not be duplicated in translated content elements.

Good ones. Thanks, Jigal. I will post them as a comment on your behalf.


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