[Neos] NodeType.yaml visibility options for properties

Marcin Ryzycki marcin at ryzycki.com
Fri Feb 7 04:29:16 CET 2014

On 2014-02-04 05:20:23 pm +0000, Aske Ertmann said:

> However it’s cool that you need it so much you’re willing to implement 
> it. It’s probably a quite complex topic though, since it involves 
> configuration syntax definition/concept, a lot of rules based on other 
> editor and complexity of having to do it client side or is that’s not 
> the case then reload VIE schema’s for the specific element/case.
> [...]
> I don’t know if you’re already in the #typo3-neos channel on freenode, 
> but if not feel free to come and ask questions there.

Thanks Aske - true, I'm aware it's not easy case and requires some 
thoughtful process.

We could make it similar to how it's currently implemented in TYPO3's 
TCA. Drupal's Form API 
has quite good solution for that, which could serve as an entry point 
of discussion.

I'll follow up as soon as I'll be ready to commit to it.

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