[Neos] Taking l10n for a test drive

Søren Malling soren.malling at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 11:38:14 CET 2014

Did a quick setup and tested the translation commandline.

It fails returning this

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function getDimensions() on a non-object
on line 246

It's just around some @TODO markers

($returnNodesAsIdentifiers === FALSE) {
                                                        // TODO Check how
to use $context to get the node by identifier
                                                        // TODO Check if
the workspace in the context should be used instead of the node data
                                                        $nodeData =
$this->getWorkspace(), $context->getDimensions()); // THIS IS LINE 246
                                                        if ($nodeData
instanceof NodeData) {
                                                                $value =
                                                        } else {
                                                                $value =

After inserting the nodedatadimension myself (raw sql insert, straight
forward) and did the configuration in Settings.yaml I could edit in
different locales.

But after publishing, there was no different if I visited /de or /all (is
that a default?)

I hope it can help you further in this cool dimension work :)



On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 11:05 AM, Christopher Hlubek
<hlubek at networkteam.com>wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I managed to package up a Neos distribution for the l10n branch so we can
> get more feedback and people involved in this (rather large) change.
> The latest changes allow to use localized nodes in the backend and an easy
> editing workflow with translated content. As there is no special UI for
> creating new variants of a node yet, I bundled a simple command for that
> task.
> Installing the l10n branch:
>     composer create-project --keep-vcs typo3/neos-base-distribution
> Neos-l10n dev-l10n
> See README-l10n.md for setup instructions.
> I think we should have a hangout soon to discuss the further steps and
> split the work into individual packages and see how we can proceed with
> this.
> Greetings,
> Christopher
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