[Neos] Inline Links

nikos nick at jamalade.com
Tue Dec 16 13:32:44 CET 2014


I have just upgraded to 1.2 from 1.1, using composer, which I have to say has been very smooth so far, thanks guys for all your hard work!

I am just having a problem with internal links using the inline editor in aloha. Now all new links have target=_blank as default. This is great when 
linking to external content but not what I would like when linking to content on another page on my site. Up to now, Neos 1.1, I have been able to 
link to id's like /myotherpage.html#mycontentid which would resolve to /mysite/myotherpage.html#mycontentid. However now this will open a new page or 
tab :(

I am wondering if there is another way that I can achieve what I am after, linking to content elements, via the aloha inline link editor? Or if there 
is a way of removing the target=_blank on a case by case basis.

Your help would be appreciated.

Kind wishes


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