[Neos] - Install - Uncaught exception

Sandro Barbieri sandro.barbieri at redsmoke.ch
Sun Dec 14 21:44:30 CET 2014

Hi Karsten

thank you for your continued support.

I just tried your tip and I got my first neos install working!

I still don't see what I did wrong by just calling the /Web/setup (which actually never worked) which in my definition would be a normal install.

Now I did all the steps through the shell and the doctrine command seemed to work.

Is this inital step something that would be kicked off when installing through composer?

Anyhow, know I can experiment and test NEOS myself.

For v1.3 my wish would be to clean the install process and to make it as easy as in TYPO3. I'll be happy to help test / improve the user experience.

Thanks again

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