[Neos] Getting the plugin to work like the Doc

Willem Botha willem.botha at hoesch-partner.de
Wed Aug 27 16:39:05 CEST 2014


I just managed to finish the Doc instruction on creating a plugin
URL~ CreatingAPlugin.html

after some initial trouble I found out that one also needs to add a Policy file the Plugin: 
    Sarkosh_CdCollection_StandardAccess: 'method(Sarkosh\CdCollection\Controller\StandardController->(index)Action())'

      Sarkosh_CdCollection_StandardAccess: GRANT

Now this gets you going and almost 100% done. Fair enough the plugin does not show much, as it is a default Template that is generated, but this is besides the point. Pretty is for later. 

Now the last part of the Doc carries on about specific actions:
URL~ /CreatingAPlugin.html#configuring-a-plugin-to-show-specific-actions-on-different-pages

After adding a extra page to a blank Project, and Hiding it from the Menu, I was able to add a Plugin View to both the Home page and the sub page (standard layout of a fresh Site)

Problem is this:
The Backend shows the settings for both pages, but the page render just display's "No PluginView Configured"

If I call the "Hidden" Plugin page I do however get the Plugin view, or default Text... 

Any suggestions? Maybe I have to exstend the permissions .... ? 

Any Help would be great ;) 

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