[Neos] Submitted Arguments vs. Mapped Object

Carsten Bleicker carsten at bleicker.de
Sat Aug 23 13:32:31 CEST 2014

Maybe one of the devs can enlight me about this:


newAction(Foo $foo = NULL){

createAction(Foo $foo){

On my newAction i have a form for Foo Object.
I submit this and having earning some validation errors.
To build the Validation errors "Foo" will be mapped completly so there is an existing
mapped object. But this never arrives in my newAction after redirect of errorAction
and anything in my template (formViewhelpers) using submittedArguments.
Why is this done in this way and why isnt the mapped object is used also for the action after redirect?
I would exprect that in my newAction the argument $foo is the mapped object
after errorAction.
Also this is NULL if called in newAction:
It should be possible to work with the mapped object here, i think.

I struggly always about this because the submittedArguments containing just strings
and there is more work in a template to detect f.e. if an argument results in a checked/unchecked box
because of {true} !== "1". 

Most things (plugins/widgets) are done by building a "subRequest".
In the controller error action this is not done. In case of building a subrequest for the
Referring action call is done. Wich skips the whole propertyMapping f.e.
Shouldnt here also a Subrequest be build to process the whole mapping stuff, f.e.?
This would also lead to a mapped action argument for newAction() and i can work
with the object in my form instead of submitted data.

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