[Neos] [Team] Neos 1.2 / Flow 2.3 Feature Freeze

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Fri Aug 15 14:28:06 CEST 2014

Hi Rens,

>> For me this is just a subtle difference. As it seems we agree to allow certain features to be merged after the feature freeze date, but my suggestion was to move the feature freeze date to allow to groom the review queue which should happen before releasing in my opinion and not have it too strict. But if it’s preferred to keep it more strict we can also do that, although I don’t think there will be much difference in the end.
> my 2 cents: probably writing all those emails will have taken the same time as reading over the review queue and mark the really important looking changes ;-) Reviewing them can still be done if they're on the list.

maybe ... but I think it's important that we take the time to summarize and discuss topics of this kind in the mailing list even though a quick phone call or "just doing it" would be faster. By taking this extra time we give others a chance to follow the process and maybe even help us with one or the other task.

Anyway, point taken. No chewing.


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